Cool Sounds Release New Single 'Cassandra'

In a departure from the crystalline guitar interplay of previous releases, Cassandra is a rollicking riff driven track, with a distinctly live feel, rough edges and all. Inspired by the David Hesse soundtrack to the 1972 film 'Last House on The Left' and ‘Big Bad Mean Motherfucker’ by Girls, Cassandra embraces awkwardness in the pursuit of fun.
“For Cassandra, I wanted something purely fun that captured the kind of feeling you get from ‘The Boys are Back in Town’ or Sheer Mag. It’s about dirty, tapey, overdriven sounds. Keyboard solos, dual lead guitars, uncomplicated structure and swing time bliss” explains singer / songwriter Dainis Lacey of the song's feel.

Cassandra is out digitally on October, 8th.
The full length album ‘Cactus Country’ will be out on October 26th on vinyl via Osborne Again and digitally via Hotel Motel.
The record is available for pre-order now here

Nicholas Kearton