'I'm Right Here' - New Single from Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton

Just months after the release of their debut collaborative album ‘When It Ends’, Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton return with ‘I’m Right Here’, the first single of their forthcoming second album ‘Keep On Trying’.

‘Keep On Trying’ sees Emma and Lachlan joined by Dylan Young (Totally Mild, Way Dynamic) and Liam ‘Snowy’ Halliwell on drums and bass respectively. Live tracked in a single day at Denton’s rental in Box Hill, ‘Keep On Trying’ is a strong progression from their debut and while more realised and considered, the relaxed and unpretentious charm remains.

A piano driven pop rock track, ‘I’m Right Here’ is a clear demonstration of this charm. Denton offers a bare bones insight into the inner conflict of maintaining a relationship, through his candid lyrics about surrendering the comforts of closeness to give a loved one what they need.

‘Keep On Trying’ is out July, 18th via Osborne Again Music   

Listen to the single here

Nicholas Kearton