The Ocean Party announce new EP and Final Tour

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The Ocean Party have announced a new EP ‘Nothing Grows’ and their final tour. From the band:

“After eight LPs, a handful of EPs and the better part of a decade worth of national touring, we’re calling it a day on The Ocean Party.

After our brother, friend and bandmate Zac Denton tragically passed away in late 2018, we felt that writing new material without him wouldn’t feel right and the time has come to call it quits.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been able to do this together for so long. This band has been such a big part of our lives for such a long time, that it’s going to feel really strange to end it. It’s been a way of making friends across the country, a way of seeing some amazing place around Australia and the world, a way of feeling validated artistically and most importantly an excuse to spend countless amounts of time together. We’re going to all miss being a part of The Ocean Party and we really want to give it a proper send off.

Before his passing, Zac had written an EP of songs that we were going to release at some stage in 2019. Zac was an ardent believer in releasing music and his extensive back catalogue at the age of just 24, is evidence of that. This EP is a great example of what an amazing songwriter he’d become and this EP, titled ‘Nothing Grows’ is some of his very best work. We’re going to have a few copies of it on vinyl and we think you’ll really like it.

Here is the title track and first single:…/the-ocean-party-nothing-grows

We’re going to ask some friends to help us sing Zac’s EP, then we’re going to play a second set that we’re calling (very liberally) ‘The Greatest Hits’. We’ve been really lucky to have had so many amazing friends and fans come to shows over the years and we’d really love to see all of your faces while we play these songs one last time.

Hope to see you there and thanks for humouring us for so long.”

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Nicholas Kearton